paperfetch installation instructions

1) Download & extract the file to a convenient location on your hard disk.

2) Run the PaperFetch.exe file (for Windows) or the (for Mac).

If you encounter the dialog box shown below, click to "Restart the program as administrator".


3) Click on the blue button below. If the internet browser (e.g. Firefox) requests a restart, make sure to restart it.

Install PaperFetch Add-on

4) Once you open PaperFetch for the first time, (if) this window will appear - Click "Yes":


If you experience difficulties or problems, or mistakenly did not click on the correct buttons while installing PaperFetch, please email us (


To override Firefox add-on signature block:

1) Type: about:config into the address bar.

2) Type: signature

3) Double-click onto the xpinstall.signatures.required

4) Restart Firefox. Install the Paperfetch add-on.