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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where shall I install PaperFetch?
It does not matter where, as long as it is on your hard disk. Once you download the PaperFetch ZIP archive file, extract it into any suitable location on your hard disk. We recommend somewhere like C:\

Where does PaperFetch save the downloaded PDF files?
By default, there will be a folder called "Papers" in the PaperFetch directory. You can use the Options button, in the PaperFetch main window, to define where you want to save your PDF files that will be downloaded by PaperFetch.

Where does PaperFetch save the downloaded citation (NBIB) files?
Inside the "Papers" folder there will be a folder called "Citations". Once you start downloading papers, All Citations folder will be created, which will contain all the downloaded citations. Also, for each day, a separate folder will be created, organizing citations by date.

I've extracted the PaperFetch files, but there are no Papers or Citations folders?
These folders will be created once you start downloading papers using PaperFetch.

How to update PaperFetch?
To upgrade PaperFetch you basically need to replace the old files with the new files:
1) Download the latest version from
2) Extract the contents of the ZIP archives.
3) Copy these new files to the same directory where the old version of PaperFetch is currently installed. When a dialog box asks appears, do replace the old files. This way, your Papers and Citations folders will be left intact.