Who are we? - A team of biomedical scientists and software developers.

What do we do? - Develop various types of software for the advancement of science.

What is PaperToolbox? - An umbrella website for our scientific article-related software.


Our revolutionary 4-in-1 software is designed to greatly simplify your daily PubMed experience.

PaperFetch has an automated 1-click PDF download and multi-paper download functions, as well as auto-naming features that will drastically increase your productivity.


You can download a fully-functional FREE trial version of PaperFetch. If you decide that PaperFetch is the right tool for you, just come back to this website and purchase a lifetime license for only 10$ (30 day money back guarantee).

What is paperfetch?

PaperFetch is an innovative software package with four main time-saving features:

1 Direct-Fetch feature: Instantly download papers with 1 click, directly from the PubMed search page, by simply clicking on the PMID number in PubMed (which will appear as a link once you install the PaperFetch add-on).



1 Auto-Save feature: PaperFetch automatically saves all the downloaded PDF files in an organized fashion, in date-labelled folders and according to a name format of your choosing (e.g. "Smith, 2013, J Cell Biol.pdf").


1 Multi-Download feature: PaperFetch can download thousands of PDF files in parallel. Just paste a list of PMID numbers! (see the video below to learn how to get such a list)


1 Co-download feature: With the same click, both the PDF file of the article and its citation file will be downloaded (for import into EndNote, RefMan or ProCite).

Moreover, by buying a department/university-wide license, you can obtain free (anonymous) statistics about the PubMed usage of your institution, such as which papers have been downloaded how often, top 10 most downloaded papers, etc.
Contact us at info@papertoolbox.com for further information.

Summary of all features:
- Cross-platform operation (All Windows, Linux and MacOS)
- Single-click PDF downloads from PubMed search page
- PMID copy-paste support for bulk PDF downloads
- Automatic PDF file naming (various file naming formats available)
- Auto-organization of PDF files in date-labelled folders
- Automatic co-download of citation files (EndNote, RefMan and Procite)
- PubMed URL proxy support for university's journal subscription access
- Cite-while-you-write feature (via right-click on download progress bar in PaperFetch)


Download a free 5-day trial version of PaperFetch

Ordering Information:

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For purchasing a discounted, deparment-wide license, please contact us at info@papertoolbox.com


Life-time PaperFetch License (10$ USD)

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Customer satisfaction is vital to young startups like us. So, if you are not completely satisfied with PaperFetch, please contact us within 30 days of the purchase and we will refund you 100% of the price!

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